Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy weeks

The past couple of weeks have just been crazy in the baseball world. We have been on the road and then having home games as well. I have not even had time to try to do all the players averages or stats or anything. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I have two softballs teams that I help with as well. The first team is little and has girls ranging from 3 to 6 and they are called the Diamond Bears. The second team is the Tigers and they are a little older. They are 7 to 9. Both teams are really good at softball and they have a great time. We have only been practicing and we don't start playing games until this upcoming Saturday. Saturday is going to be a huge day! To start off with at 8 we have the girls softball parade. After the parade they have opening ceremonies and introduce each girl and coach. This is normally a lot of fun. After the ceremonies, my team will not play yet but Nathan's team plays two games against McAdory. So, after the first of his game is over, my girls will play their games which are only 45 minutes each. Then after those are over I go back to watch the second game of the boys and to keep the book. Then after all of out games are over hopefully I can get something to eat, haha. But it should be a fun filled day and I can't wait for Saturday to come!!!

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