Monday, March 7, 2011

Baseball season has offically started!!!

   So, we are offically started baseball games finally. I has only seemed like forever that we have had to wait. Our first day of games was last tuesday, March the first. We played a double header against Bottenfield Tigers. The first game the Spartans lost to the Tigers 7-4 which was pitched by Caleb Webb (5 innings), Matt White(1 inning) and Bronson Myers (1 innning). Both teams played a great game. In this game we had eight hits.
   The hits were made by: Matt White, Brandon White, Kelvin Moore, Seth Grammer, Bronson Myers, DeQuan Johnson and Caleb Webb had two hits.
   Caleb Webb also had the only two RBIs of the game.
   In our second game against the Tigers the Spartans won 14-0 that was pitched by Blake Bruce. In this game there were nine hits and seven RBIs. Kelvin Moore had the first homerun of the season in this game as well.
    The hits went to: Matt White(2 hits), Brandon White(2 hits), Kelvin Moore (2 hits), Seth Grammer, Blake Bruce and Drake Hoover.
     The RBIs were made by: Matt White, Brandon White(2 RBIs), Kelvin Moore(2 hits) and Blake Bruce(2 RBIs).
  Besides having two good games to watch, we had a lot of fun in the stands and was able to meet some very nice people. I had the pleasure to meet Coach Holder's wife, which also attends UAB and is majoring in education just like I am myself. We were sitting watching the game when Coach Holder asked if she would keep up with a few things in another unoffical score book, which she had no clue how to do. So, me and Mrs. Webb tried to teach her as they played their game and it was a very funny experience trying to get her to understand and us trying to explain as we are still trying to keep up with everything throughout the two games, but I think she got the basic skill of it down finally.
   After the games were over it was around 10 and nobody had ate any dinner. So, everybody left to go get something to eat and it just so happened that everybody ran into everybody else at the nearest McDonalds. Shocker, huh? The only thing opened at 10 o'clock on a tuesday night. All in all it was a great game.

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