Monday, April 4, 2011

Results from Saturday

Everything went great Saturday! The parade was a success and opening day was a hit. There was a lot of people that came out and supported the little girls playing softball and the girls had a great time! The diamond bears lost their first game but had a fun time, which is what counts. The Orange Tigers won their game 18-8. Both teams did a great job for their first games and I am so proud of both teams!
The PG middle school did not turn out a win Sarurday. They were a little rough around the edges. They did a good job at making contact with the ball but always seemed to hit it right to the other team. We always made some mental errors, I think some must have been still asleep, haha. All in all we had a great day! Now we just have to win the rest of our games in order to get into the playoffs. So wish them luck!

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